Butter Cake Flavours

Special Dietary requirements & food allergies/intolerances can be catered for. Please email me your specific requirements & I can provide you with options to suit your needs

  • Vanilla Bean Buttercake

(The most popular flavour! A moist, light cake with real vanilla bean)

  • Chocolate Fudge Buttercake

(Pure cocoa provides a lovely chocolate flavour, without the richness or density of a mudcake)

  • Lemon Buttercake

(Made with the zest of my home grown lemons, this cake is light, moist & citrusy!)

  • Jaffa (Choc/Orange) Buttercake

(Pure Cocoa & fresh orange zest makes this cake a crowd pleaser!)

  • Coconut Buttercake

(A lovely moist cake which is loved by everyone! This versatile cake marries beautifully with most frosting flavours!)

  • Red Velvet cake

(Red Velvet cake is a chocolatey cake with a striking red hue to it & is lovely & moist thanks to the inclusion of buttermilk)

Mud Cake Flavours

  • Chocolate Mud Cake

(The most popular flavour! Rich, moist & dense, this cake is made with dark couverture chocolate & is a MUST for chocoholics!)

  • Choc/Mint Mud Cake

(A lovely combination of pure peppermint essence & dark couverture chocolate, this cake is a refreshing twist on the classic Choc mud cake!)

  • Choc/Orange Mud Cake

(A richer, denser version of the Jaffa butter cake, this cake uses dark couverture chocolate instead of cocoa, & fresh orange zest)

  • White Chocolate Mud Cake

(Dense, moist & sweet. White chocolate & vanilla bean combine perfectly for a ‘blonde’ version of a Choc mud cake!)

  • Caramel Mud Cake

(Golden & delicious. White chocolate & brown sugar create a heavenly & moist mud cake!)