Every Cake Has a Story  . . .

Made from the heart with a little sugar, a dash of creativity and a whole lot of passion, Cake Heart can create the perfect cake or treat to suit any occasion.
At Cake Heart, we combine two of life's sweetest things  - Love & Sugar - and turn them into precious memories.  
Whether it's a celebration, a birthday, catering for a special event or simply a way of brightening someone's day, Cake Heart will work together with you, turning your ideas into delicious, sweet  and unforgettable creations that everyone will love.
And the fun doesn't stop there!  Cake Heart also creates & bakes delicious, fresh treats such as cupcakes, cookies, melting moments, award-winning fudge, gingerbread in any shape you can imagine, florentines, coconut ice, brownies and an wide range of modern and old fashioned sweets to please every taste. 


Best of all, every Cake Heart product is hand made, using only high quality, fresh ingredients and can be made to order to suit your dietary needs.  Cake heart also caters for everything from small parties to corporate functions and weddings.



With Love,

                                          Rachel xx